Granite Countertops in Oakville Homes for Luxurious Décor

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Granite is a Surprising Stone!

When it comes to granite countertops, Oakville residents will be astonished at the full range of colour and design on offer. Dealers in building materials who specialize in stone can supply the homeowner with virtually any colour of granite countertop in either solid stone form, or as tiles. The possibilities for design are as endlessly fascinating as the stone itself.
Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma. Because it is so common, and because it forms from melted components which incorporates other materials in the process, its colour composition is often as distinct as its origin. Granite is found all over the world, most notably Norway, Brazil, the US, Canada and Africa. The latter in fact is the supplier of a visually stunning variety known as Niagara Gold!

Uses of Granite Through Time

Granite has been used as a building material for century. The Red Pyramid of Egypt, named so because of the light crimson hue of its exposed granite, was built around 26 Century BC. The pyramid of Giza, a relatively youthful structure of about 2580 BC by comparison, contains a huge granite sarcophagus made of Red Aswan granite. The Egyptians somehow where able to incorporate the stone into carved columns, lintels and veneer, but it is not known how they managed to work the stone. It wasn't until the 18th century that steam-carving came into play, developed by the Scots. Soon, tombstones made of granite were all the rage and, thousands of years after the Giza's pharaoh, Queen Victoria ordered up a granite sarcophagus in which she could rest in amused peace.
Granite is now used extensively in commercial buildings and monuments. In its polished form, it has become a popular choice for kitchen countertops, because of its durability and hygienic qualities. The sheer variety of granite – coming as it does from quarries all over the world, and in every colour from blue to black to that lovely Niagara Gold – makes it a designer's dream to ‘pick up' both a traditional or modern kitchen.


Granite is also relatively easy to maintain. When used in kitchens, sealing is recommended every year or two. Granite is slightly porous which means that without sealing, spills can permeate the surface and mar the appearance. Although the surface is highly resistant to citric acids, oils and abrasives, a sealer will protect it even more.
Sealing should be done by professionals. However, day-to-day cleaning is easy and requires nothing more than damp mopping. Good old fashioned soap – not detergent – is sufficient to do the trick. Products that can dull a floor's lustre – ones that contain abrasive or ammonia based cleaners – should be avoided as well.

Contact a Specialist

Granite is an expensive stone that more than wins back your initial outlay with its durability and the value enhancement of your home. However granite countertops in your Oakville home are a serious investment and you must seek out the assistance of a professional, both to determine what kind and colour is best for your home, and then for the installation. Look for a family-run firm with a history of working with granite. Visit the showroom and see how big their stock is. Then take a deep breath – and begin the process of beautifying your home with the stone of pharaohs and queens.